Norway lenghtwise

Free Chess Tournament online every day from 19.00pm! Tournament information here Join the collaborative project "Norway lenghtwise". Internet chess tournaments every night from 19.00pm. Norway lenghtwise consists of open club tournaments online every day from 19.00. The tournaments are open to anyone who wants to participate and will be divided into […]

My best moves - week 26

White wins this lot, how? FM Trygve Dahl presents its best features so far this week. See the lot and the solution here. The position is taken from an internet party at Lichess.

This week's move - 26

Black has just played 26… Qe2 "How will white get out of the tie?" This week's chess feature is presented by FM Trygve Dahl. See the whole lot of solution here.

25 tournament winners in Norway at length

Crucial positions from 25 tournament winners in Norway at length. You get 10 seconds on each task, do you all manage? Subscribers will find the other tasks in the series here. The title is probably somewhat misleading as some tasks are tactics, some dull ix the number of moves while others are crucial moves.

My last victory (a professional player swan song?) Against such a good opponent.

"If I remember well, this was the most difficult move for me in the game!" “My aim was just to give a decent resistance against the stronger opponent. Jon Ludvig Hammer and me already played at the Knut Brokstad Memorial in 2007, but then he was not a favorite and the […]

Tasks 1200 - 1600

Assignments for advanced students in the rating category 1200 - 1600. Subscribers will find assignments and solutions here.

This week's move - 24

In a thriller of the rare, Magnus Carlsen finally won the Clutch Chess Showdown late Sunday night, in a party that also included candidates for the week's draw. The position of the week is taken from one of the parties that was played on Saturday. "How can white break down the black peasant structure?" [...]

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