Commented parties from NMU 2021
Game review

Commented parties from NMU 2021

This weekend, NMU 2021 was held in Bergen. Edwin Fernando David presents one party to gold medal winner in class U10, ...
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Test with known endings

Test with known endings

Test with 5 tasks that can be played directly in the browser! In this test you get to try yourself in some positions ...
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Norway Chess 2021

Norway Chess 2021

An amateur player's experience of the tournament Norway Chess 2021 was arranged for the 9th time in the period 10 - 17 September at ...
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Rook endgame 5 with WIM Marina Gajcin
endgames Video

Rook endgame 5 with WIM Marina Gajcin

Rook endgame with WIM Marina Gajcin Rook endgame 5 with WIM Marina Gajcin. In the 5th and so far last part with rook endgames ...
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