Today's brain teaser 4


Today's brain teaser: Fagernes Chess International 2020 was one of the few tournaments that were held across the board in the autumn of 2020. The chart position is taken from round 9 where Mathias Lind Schouten from Tromsø Chess Club had white against Mikke Lien from Stjernen Chess Club. White wins with the right bet, do you find the move? The idea may not be impossible to find, but it must be considered before the move can be played. Feel free to play the position at the bottom of the page, good luck!


101 players defied the pandemic threat and played chess from 4.-11. October. The refereeing staff led by Hans Olav Lahlum delivered as usual to roll the dice 6. Check the results from both groups and set aside a few more hours Lahlums bulletin round by round if you have not already. The 2021 edition is scheduled for the end of March and you can see updates about the tournament here.



Stay tuned for new chess nuts in today's brain teaser and feel free to submit your game for publication!


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