Today's brain teaser 5

Today's brain teaser


After… Kc4, white has a move that ensures a draw, in fact, black must play correctly in some moves to avoid loss. The game was played between Lykke-Merlot Helliesen from Caissa and Eivind Grunt Kreken from Nordstrand Chess Club below Hell Grand Prix 2020. Many nice themes in today's chess nut, do you find the move to white in the chart position? Feel free to try directly in the browser at the bottom of the page, good luck!

34 players took part in the 2020 edition of the Hell Grand Prix, but the joy was great that we were able to complete the tournament at all. Extra fun was that several junior players took the trip to Trøndelag even though the Covid numbers were somewhat red. Fortunately, there was no infection along the way, at least not as we have been told after the event. Hell Grand Prix 2021 is planned for 22-24 May, but it may well be done that we get it. We cross our fingers that it will soon be prudent to play across boards soon:

OTB or not TB

Read reviews from the tournament at Bergensjakk or see how it went in tournament service. Pictures and results can also be found on Hell Chess Club's Homepage.


chess nut from Hell Grand Prix 2020


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