Today's brain teaser 6

Today's brain teaser - chess nut 6


In today's brain teaser, I have dug a little into the archive. We are in Gausdal during Peer Gynt International in 1990. A younger version of Hans Olav Lahlum has just played 7. Nbd2 and it is Edwin F. David in the cover as black. Do you find the best move for black in the chart position? Feel free to try in the browser further down the page. This is then a settlement from the youth chess in Norway a few years back in time.

For those of you who do not know about chess at Gausdal, it may be interesting to read Jonathan Tisdall's tournament report. Issue 6 from 1990 is missing in the overview on NSF's pages, but here are at least some pages from the chess magazine. Now the Fagernes tournament under the auspices of Lahlum must be considered the closest we get to what we once had in Gausdal. A complete list of results with games to play through can be found, among other things. at


Peer Gynt International 1990


Feel free to send in suggestions for content in "today's brain exercise" from your own parties (pgn). Welcome to a new chess nut tomorrow and good luck with this one!


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