Today's brain teaser 7

Today's brain teaser - chess nut 7


During lag-NM 2004 in Trondheim had enough Jens B Eilertsen superior position before black smoked in move 15. Do you find the move to white that probably led to black giving up? The party can be good inspiration if you are looking for opportunities for white against Caro Kann. Feel free to try today's brain teaser in the netting at the bottom of the page, good luck!

Asker Chess Club won the tournament which at the time was seen as the strongest ever NM final for teams by many. On Chess365 you can see the games from the tournament, and in Norsk Sjakkblad edition 3 several of the parties (and other incidents) have also been commented on. The tournament was played at the venerable Britannia hotel in Trondheim city center.


Team-NM 2004 in Trondheim


Feel free to submit suggestions for chess nuts that fit in today's brain teaser! Tomorrow comes a new chess task.



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