Complete training session with 10 tasks

Complete training session with tasks for players at expert level and master level

Complete training session with 10 assignments from Airthings Masters Prelim 2020 by FM Trygve Dahl. Suitable for players with playing strength expert - master level. You must be logged in as a subscriber to access tasks and party review with solution proposals. Although it is possible you do not have to play the positions in the browser, boards and chips are still an excellent solution. Read about the tournament at Bergensjakk.

The tasks are taken from the following settlements:

  • Nepomniachtchi - Grischuk
  • Aronian - Giri
  • Giri - Harikrishna
  • Dubov - Giri
  • Giri - Vachier-Lagrave
  • Nakamura - Anton Guijarro
  • Carlsen - Nakamura
  • Grischuk - Vachier-Lagrave
  • Nakamura - Giri
  • So - Dubov

For reflection

One might think that the explosive development of applications, podcasts, videos, streamers, TV chess, online chess and interactive learning opportunities would lead to a similar development of chess players… this is not the case. They are pretty much the same players now as they were a few years ago in the top half of the leaderboards when it comes to tournament chess. There is no doubt that interest in chess has increased in recent years, and after Queen`s Gambit, interest has probably also exploded. The actual increase in width is fantastic, but you need more than one app to make concrete. All these innovations mentioned at the top of the section unfortunately do not help much if you do not want to play and practice chess. Getting better at chess means some alone time for different parts of chess training. Having a world-class coach is also reasonably wasted if the desire to do something yourself is not present. Some good hours at the chessboard are in stark contrast to interactive online chess, if this is a good development, each individual will have an opinion on. My point is just that I do not see that this development leads to more strong chess players.

When you play a physical tournament, you have to make the decision alone, it is completely quiet. Then you can not communicate via an app, in a chat, with a streamer or other interactivity. Making decisions alone when it is quiet across the board must be practiced.

Today's chess tips

Set aside a couple of hours for chess training with boards and pieces. Turn off your mobile, TV and laptop while enjoying today's session. Chess book or printout is more than enough!

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