Jorden van Forest - Magnus Carlsen - Italian for white part 7

Italian for white

This is the seventh and final part about Italian for white with GM Mihajlo Stojanovic. Part 6 will be posted in one of the very next few days, those who want to watch in order will have to wait a bit 🙂

In the latest video, Mihajlo thoroughly reviews the game Jorden van Forest - Magnus Carlsen from Tata Steel January 2020, where the variant with 3… Nf6 4. Ng5 was played. We at Hell Chess Academy are proud to present over 3 hours of GM video about Italian for white! Few or no one will become opening experts just by watching video, but this is a good start! The Grand Master deals with ideas, plans, critical variants, main variants as well as some traps for both black and white in a structured and instructive way. Remember to press the pause button when you are given tasks by the Grand Master.

Perhaps this video series is fully on par, if not better, than other Italian releases. As the last part indicates, it also deals with the latest news about the opening. By the way, Italian is one of the oldest chess openings.

Since the video series about Italian is part of an opening repertoire, the journey does not stop properly yet 🙂 Next out will be white against Pirc! Two parts are already ready and will be posted during Christmas, so stay tuned!

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