Fagernes Chess International 2020 5-9

FM Trygve Dahl - IM Frode Elsness 0 - 1

Party review of the settlements FM Trygve Dahl - FM Gunnar Lund 1 - 0, FM Trygve Dahl - IM Frode Elsness 0 - 1, GM Normunds Miezis - FM Trygve Dahl 0 - 1, IM Tor Fredrik Kaasen - FM Trygve Dahl 1/2 - 1 / 2 and FM Trygve Dahl - IM Benjamin Haldorsen 1/2 - 1/2.

Subscribers will find analyzes and comments on the parties by FM Trygve Dahl here. Recent comments from tournament games can be of great value, as it reveals what / how / why different decisions are made. In addition, the reader gets an insight into the ups and downs that come along the way, and how the athlete handles this extremely difficult topic in chess.

In round 5, there was a meeting against one player that Trygve lost against in the Elite Series 2018/2019, so the motivation to win was probably present 🙂 Then there was the first meeting with IM Frode Elsness who is apparently chasing his latest GM norm. There was tough resistance here, but maybe there were opportunities along the way as the diagram position at the top of the page indicates. The first victory over a grandmaster in standard chess came against GM Normunds Miezis in the 7th round.

Photos, results, round setup, live games and Hans Olav Lahlum's round reports (bulletin) on the pages of this year's edition of

Fagernes Chess International

Update: rounds 8 and 9 have now been analyzed, commented on and added

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