FM Trygve Dahl and GM Mihajlo Stojanovic (Photo: Anniken Vestby)

On Wednesday, April 15, HCA's GM Mihaljo Stojanovic will play in Group A during the HCA Marathon 2020. The tournament is open and free to anyone who wants to participate, so this is a great opportunity to meet a Grand Master at chess. Stojanovic played for Hell in last season's Elite Series where he included. won over Jon Ludvig Hammer.

«Take the opportunity to play against a GM!«

During today's tournament, FM Trygve Dahl will try to defend the lead in the summary, and the parties will be streamed here if everything goes according to plan. During yesterday's tournament there was an interruption due to a lot of activity at Lichess, but we hope that it is okay today. HCA Marathon 2020

Join in and play as well, the tournament starts at 18.00pm