With GM Mihajlo Stojanovic

GM Mihajlo Stojanovic has recorded a series dealing with 4 parties in the face of the world champion. In these games, the Grand Master was a secondary / coach to those sitting across the board. Here you get an insight into the grandmaster's experiences from the parties. Subscription finds the videos here. Sit back and enjoy as Mishia pours out her knowledge for 97 minutes! The series is designed for the 2000+ level but is highly recommended to anyone interested in chess!

Game 1: GM Magnus Carlsen - GM Ivan Ivanisevic 0 - 1

Game 2: GM Magnus Carlsen - GM Yannick Pelletier 0 - 1

Game 3: GM Nico Georgiadis - GM Magnus Carlsen 1/2 - 1/2

Game 4: GM Magnus Carlsen - GM Nico Georgiadis 1 - 0