Italian for white after 3… Nf6 part 1

4. Ng5

GM Mihajlo Stojanovic with introduction of the position that arises after 3… Nf6 and 4. Ng5. In this first part we get i.a. see what white should do if black tries "Traxler Counter Attack". Ideas, critical variations and general themes for white in Italy when black plays 3… Nf6. Even if part 1 does not deal with the very best features of blacks, it is certainly smart to know the traps that lurk here as well. Be prepared to take a break along the way, when the Grand Master asks you to find the move yourself!

Subscribers can go directly to the video here. The previous 4 parts of Italian for white deal with 3… Bc5.

If you think Traxler Counter Attack should not be taken seriously, you can try to play the position against the computer 🙂

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