Øyvind Ukkelberg - FM Trygve Dahl 0 - 1 (Levanger Grand Prix 2020)

«26. h4 was probably not the best white could do, how should black continue? »

FM Trygve Dahl with a review of 5 chess games from Levanger Grand Prix 2020. In addition to the more chess-related content, he also deals with the thought process towards the games and how this affected the parties. White games against Sivert Ihlen and FM Joachim Solberg, while the black games were played against Thor-K. Brandth, Alexander Øye-Strømberg and Øyvind Ukkelberg. This was the first "over the board tournament" in a long time as Covid19 has limited the possibilities for such tournaments. It was a tournament victory with 4.5 out of 5 points as the pre-favorite FM Joachim Solberg also gave half points against Shadi Sian.

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