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  • chess movies, some in Norwegian and some in English (Eventually, English videos will have Norwegian text.)
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    • 350, - per school hour 45 minutes (Untitled, CM, FM, WIM)
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    • 400, - per school hour 45 minutes (IM, WGM)
      • Card 10 school hours 3500, -
    • 450, - per school hour 45 minutes (GM)
      • Card 10 school hours 4000, -

We add new material every week which subscribers get access to, i.a. chess movies and much more. Some are added without appearing in the news update.

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In short, we make it easy for you to develop as a chess player from the level you are at now and up. We cover all phases of the game by division by level. There are not many chess clubs in Norway that offer chess lessons, but here you will find what you need of training materials to develop yourself!

We reserve some downtime when updating the server and internal updates. Content links may be posted before content is available. The number of coaches available for private tuition will increase in line with demand; there may be some waiting time. We appreciate feedback if errors are detected:

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