WIM Marina Gajcin

Even during hectic exam preparation, Marina shares her chess work. Today's three studies are of the complex kind. After completing the studies, you can compare with Marina's procedures. Here you will get a confirmation of solid work, or a guideline if you have made a mistake. Here you will find not only the correct answer, but the entire process that belongs to each decision.

Subscribers will find the chess study and solution suggestions with explanation here. For those of you who want to follow the training program, it is recommended to start from the beginning, where Marina explains how to work with chess studies. Marina also urges not to skip the introductory video…. no shortcuts!

For those who have aspirations to take the next step on the chessboard, Marina's training program may be in the blink of an eye. Don't expect a few minutes of chess, but be ready to squeeze your maximum over time! If you want access to Marina's personal training program and much more, you will find various subscription solutions here.

During the autumn of 2020, GM Mihajlo Stojanovic will present opening theory at the highest level. Under «Trainers Work» you will have access to several years of specialization from the Grand Master. Rebuttal of several recognized variants that you will not find anywhere else are i.a. on the menu. These are parts of Misja's life's work, and will only be available to subscribers.