WIM Marina Gajcin

WIM Marina Gajcin out with a new series about the bishop pair. The first part is an introduction with basic theory and principles, well suited for players up to 1600 in rating, or stronger players who want refreshment on the theme.

In part two she goes a little harder and explains with good examples how the runner pair should be treated in the playoffs. The end game part is based on what she teaches in part one, but the level may be more suitable for Expert / Master.

In the third part about the bishop pair in the mid-game, she takes on a part of Garry Kasparov as an illustrative example.

It is recommended to set aside time for Marina Gajcin's new recordings about the bishop pair, where she with great dedication and good preparation serves you knowledge on a silver platter!

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The Bishop Pair with WIM Marina Gajcin

Short presentation of the new recording about the running couple "The Power Of The Two Bishops"!

The Bishop Pair - The Power Of The Two Bishops!