Eivind Olav Risting
SK 1911

Takk til Eivind Olav Risting SK1911 for commented game from the last and decisive round against GM Rune Djurhuus. The 1911 junior became very involved in the first Elitserien gold in club history!

- An incredibly delicious way to secure the gold!

Eivind Olav Risting - Rune Djurhuus 1-0

After a very nerve-wracking and delicious victory against Vålerenga's mercenaries on Friday's round, and a recipe-wise simple victory against Tromsø the next day, it was suddenly time for the "final" against Nordstrand. As we had more mutual points than our friends from the eastern edge of Oslo, and a mutual victory against Vålerenga, it was enough with a draw in the last round to be able to capture 1911 their first gold in the Elite Series ever. I was given the tough task of having to surpass former European champion for juniors and grandmaster Rune Djurhuus with the white pieces.

1. d4 d6 2. c4 g6

3. e4!

When you get the opportunity to hijack the center early, don't hesitate to do so!

3… Lg7 4. Sc3 e5 5. Sge2 Sd7


6. Le3 Se7 7. Dd2 OO 8. OOO Also a full set up. White will play Lh6 and run with the h-farmer, while black will push the peasants on the queen wing and maybe open in the center at the right time.

6… Se7 7. Lg2 OO 8. OO exd4

9. Sxd4

First critical point. A position has emerged that may recall a king Indian where black turns off at d4 early. Black must be effective and play actively to avoid standing cramped and clipped. Therefore, Sc6 and Sc5 would at once have been more accurate.

9… a6

9… Sc6 10. Sde2 a5 11. Tb1 Sc5


10… Sb6?

The horse is bad at b6. It forces white to protect the farmer on c4, but has no other active future plans. White would play b3 anyway, which means that black has wasted an important pace.

11. b3 c5

12. Sde2

The pawn on d6 will be a so-called "long time weakness" as the pawn on c5 can not go back .. Which also means that the d5 field will be a fantastic field for one of white's officers.

12… Lg4 13. Lb2 Dd7 14. Dd2 Sc6 15. Tae1 Tfe8 16. Kh1

16… f5

16… Lxe2 It would have been better and given up the runner pair to gain control of the d4 field, while also replacing the runner who had no future on the g4. 17. Txe2 Sd4 18. Tef2

17. Sd5!

Now it's suddenly too late to turn off e2, and white will have an extremely nice center.

17… Sxd5 18. cxd5 Sa7

19. e5!

Activity is more important than material!

19… dxe5?

Probably better not to allow the peasant victim, although the position is incredibly nasty to play for black. It would be better to wait to do something special until white starts attacking or forcing something.

19… Sb5 20. Sc1 Tac8 21. Sd3 A guarded freeboard on the e6 looks very nasty for black.

20. fxe5 Lxe5 21. Lxe5 Txe5 22. Sf4 Tae8 23. h3 Txe1 24. Txe1 Txe1 + 25. Dxe1.

25… Lh5

Black stands farmer, but the light officers and an incredibly weak royal position mean that the position is already won for white.

26. De5 Sc8 27. Df6 Sd6 28. Se6 Df7 29. Dd8 + Se8 30. Sg5 Df8 31. Se6 Df7 32. Sg5 Df8


The farmer on d6 is a monster and just 2 steps away from becoming a new queen!

33. Sf6 34. Dc7 De8

35. Ld5!

The runner cannot be taken because the horse covers the farmer on the h7.

35… Kh8

35… Sxd5? 36. Dxh7 + Kf8 37. Dh8 #

36. Sf7 + Kg7 37. Se5 + Kh6 38. d7

38… Sxd7

Black must give up the horse to avoid white getting a new queen.

39. Sxd7 De1 + 40. Kh2 Dd2 + 41. Lg2 Dxa2 42. Sf8 Dxb3 43. Dxh7 + Kg5 44. De7 + Kh6

45. Se6

And black will go dull over the course of a few moves. An incredibly delicious way to secure the gold!

SK1911 won the Elite Series in chess in the 2019 - 2020 season.