White against Caro Kann 4… Nd7

Caro Kann 4… Nd7 Steinitz Variance

Caro Kann Steinitz Variation
Caro Kann Steinitz Variation

Another chess video about the opening game with GM Mihajlo Stojanovic. In the white repertoire, Caro Kann is next, and in the first part the grandmaster goes through the possibilities after 4… Nd7. The party we follow is Anatoly Karpov vs Vlastimil Hort from the time when the former was reigning world champion. The white repertoire against Caro Kann is divided into three parts to cover the most important varieties. subscribers can in addition to watching the video play the opening after 4… Nd7 directly in the browser here.

Check how you are doing when it comes to Caro Kann by playing against the Steinitz variant against the computer below 🙂

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