WIM Ljilja Drljevic

Ljilja Drljevic (2185) - Tatiana Grabuzova (2356) 1 - 0

SCG Cup (Woman) Vrnjacka Banja 07.05.2006

This is no ordinary party analysis of WIM Ljilja Drljevic from Serbia, but an adventure of a chess story that can get everyone and everyone fascinated by the game! If you are a washed out chess player you can fill up your coffee cup right away. Thanks to Ljilja who here communicates what chess really has to offer.

39. Qd8 +

Finally, after a slow and cautious start, queenside positional battle, I managed to confuse my opponent and bring her to an unknown territory where she couldn't find her way out of the woods. Childhood trick worked once again! No matter what it looks like, I play against the king. I always do, even when I push my a-pawn way too far, even if I lose a few squares and win some space, no matter odds and costs, I play for win, I play against king.

"After all, chess is like music, so play it!"

This is my way…

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