How to Fight the World’s Best Chess Player

How to Fight the World`s best Chess Player! Grandmaster, coach and second Mihajlo Stojanovic presents his experiences from games against world champion Magnus Carlsen. FREEVIEW

GM Mihajlo Stojanovic

Now you can buy the entire game collection for US $10. The Grandmaster pours out his knowledge for stunning 97 minutes! Watch the videos you purchase unlimited number of times on our site. Game 1: GM Magnus Carlsen – GM Ivan Ivanisevic 0 – 1 (FREEVIEW) Game 2: GM Magnus Carlsen – GM Yannick Pelletier 0 – 1 Game 3: GM Nico Georgiadis – GM Magnus Carlsen 1/2 – 1/2 Game 4: GM Magnus Carlsen – GM Nico Georgiadis 1 – 0